Healthy but Yummy Cupcakes - for Kids & Adults!

Okay so these took me four tries to get right. And I'm so happy I stuck with it!

Healthy recipes are definitely not my usual focus. I'm a sugar-loving, never too much butter kind of Pastry Chef, and yet, here I am. Having a little one will do that to you!

I wanted to give my 2-year-old something sweet to celebrate her birthday, but I didn't want to overload her with sugar. I decided this was the right direction to go in, and they were a hit! She had them two days in a row, and asked for more each time.

(And I actually enjoyed them too. I know - I'm as surprised as you are!) They're light, fluffy, lightly sweetened, and I wouldn't mind having them around for when cravings hit.

They're also quick to whip up, and easy to make in advance. Prep the cupcakes, bake, cool and freeze for up to 2 weeks before frosting and serving.

I used this type of Greek yogurt "frosting" for her cake last year, and went with it again. Last time I used vanilla flavored yogurt, and this time I went with plain. Both were great substitutes for traditional buttercream. Feel free to skip the step of straining, but I like that it really gave it some stability for piping.

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Happy Baking!

- Katie