Berry Pies

"People who love
to eat are
the best people."

- Julia Child


Meet Katie

Food has always been my passion. I graduated from the French Culinary Institute and went on to work in restaurants, television, recipe development, and as a consultant before opening my own bakery in Brooklyn. After selling my shop, I was lucky enough to start teaching! 

Rustic Loaf and Breadboard

My New Book - On Sale April 5th!


"Close your eyes. Now remember a time you ripped apart a warm piece of bread, crust crackling and giving way to its light, open crumb. Did you slather it with butter? Sprinkle with sea salt? Maybe you dipped it into herbed olive oil. Later in the meal that same bread might have been soaked with sauce left lingering on your plate; the perfect final bite to an indulgent meal. I’ll bet you have this memory, because bread is something you just don’t forget. Bread is one of the great pleasures in life."

Cinnamon Buns

Baking Bootcamp

Are you a great home cook, but just haven’t taken the time to attempt desserts at home? Are you intimidated by baking recipes? Do you believe that baking is a science, and one wrong move will leave you with wasted time and ingredients?

In this course, I’ll show you how to tackle a range of baking recipes to increase your confidence and demystify the Pastry Arts. From cookie dough to ganache, pie to cake, we’ll cover staple techniques that will improve your baking knowledge and make successful baking at home a reality.


If you're currently running or looking to start a food business, I'm here to help! From menu and product development to on-site training, let me help you sort out ideas and formulate the best course of action for your food concept. 

Need help bringing your recipes to the next level? Recipe development can be one of the most exciting parts of food entrepreneurship. It's never too early to start developing and perfecting your recipes. 

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